Hydroponics Fodder Advantages and Disadvantages

Hydroponics fodder

Although hydroponics system concept is popularly practiced when growing veggies, fruits, and flowers, there is a rising trend of growing animal feed-stock via hydroponics technology popularly known as hydroponic fodder. Hydroponics technology (growing of plants in inert media without soil) has revolutionized conventional farming and many farmers today are using it as an alternative mean … Read more

How to Setup a Homemade Hydroponic System

hydroponic system

Building your own homemade hydroponic system at home is a breathtaking experience. You will be able to get a functional indoor gardening system within a small budget. Once it’s ready, (refer to our guide on how to build a homemade Deep Water Culture Hydroponic System) the next step is to now focus on how you … Read more

How to Build a Hydroponic System At Home; DIY Hydroponic Systems

hydroponic system

The gardening landscape is continuously changing as technology advances and many gardeners have embraced indoor gardening methods such as hydroponics gardening. It involves growing of plants in a hydroponic system using nutrient-rich solution and growing medium instead of using soil. Hydroponic gardening is more productive compared to other traditional farming methods and one is able … Read more

Hydroponic Systems and How They Work; Hydroponic Gardening

woman in beige long sleeve shirt holding green plant

Gardening methods have continued to evolve as technology advances and my gardeners have adopted to modern gardening techniques such as hydroponic gardening. These modern gardening techniques are usually challenging especially for beginners. What are hydroponic systems? How do they work? What are the best hydroponic plants to grow? These are key questions that this article … Read more