5 Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Hydroponics System

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Over the last few years, indoor gardening especially hydroponics system has gained a lot of popularity globally due to the rising need of fresh, organic, and healthy veggies, fruits, and other plants which are essential in our day to day life.

Modern gardening can be rewarding and fun when practiced in the right manner. If you have free space at your home or at the backyard, why not try hydroponics farming and enjoy full year supply of fresh vegetables and fruits?

This will not only save you a few dollars but also make your homestead more aesthetic.

hydroponics system
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Today, the market is filled with thousands of hydroponics systems and kits to choose from and many gardening beginners often find themselves in a dilemma when choosing the right hydroponics system.

If you are an aspiring gardener, this article provides you with a detailed guide on the factors to consider when choosing the right hydroponics system that will match your needs and guarantee you value for money.

Available Space

You need to first of all assess your growing site to determine the available space. This is because the space available determines the number of pots or buckets that can be included in a given hydroponics system.

This will eventually determine the number of crops that you can grow in your growing site.

In most cases, the smaller hydroponics systems require about 16 square feet of floor space.

You should also prepare an extra space that will be used to hold the water reservoir, indoor grow lighting system, pump, and coolers.

Therefore, examining your growing site available space is a key necessity.

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Hydroponics systems have additional components such as pumps, grow lights, and coolers which are essential in ensuring optimal levels are attained when growing plants.

In the market, there are both automatic and manual systems and it’s the responsibility of the gardener to choose the best system that guarantees efficiency.

hydroponics systems
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Recent research has indicated that most indoor gardening failure occurs as a result of poor temperature control and water levels.

Purchasing an automated system will give you an easy time when growing plants since the system will automatically manage the required optimum levels.

The modern systems have electronic devices that automatically monitor humidity, temperature, lightning, and water levels thus, relieving you a lot of manual adjustment burden.

Expandability of the Hydroponics System

As a beginner, you might want to try gardening with a small hydroponic system kit and later expand it to grow more plants. Once you are convinced of the benefits of practicing this easy and fun gardening method, you can plan to expand the system to hold more plants.

In this case, you need to have enough space that can hold additional buckets or pots so as to effectively accommodate the extra plants. Expandability of the system determines your total output and it is a crucial factor that can help you make the right choice.

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Energy efficiency

Every hydroponics system is operated using electricity that supports pumping, lightning, and air conditioning. Electricity cost can run high especially when a farmer declines to use energy-saving LED bulbs

A full spectrum grow light is needed throughout the system to ensure optimum growth of your plants in both vegetative and flowering stages.

Therefore, when purchasing your hydroponics system, always ensure that you use energy-saving LED grow lights and this will go a long way in minimizing your operating expenses.

  System price and setup costs

Hydroponics systems can be bought as pre-built or the gardener can decide to construct one.

Constructing your own DIY Hydroponics system at home will require professional service where you will have to hire an expert to set the system in place if you don’t have the capacity to do so.

This might be expensive to beginners and it requires close supervision meaning you will have to be there during installation.

hydroponics system
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On the other hand, the market has wide array of pre-built hydroponics systems which are customized to suit your preference.

With everything already set in place, you will only be required to set the system in your preferred place and kick-start your indoor gardening venture right away.

Depending on your budget plan you can be able to make the right choice whether to DIY or buy a pre-built system.

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I hope that the above factors will act as an eye opener  to guide you  in making the right choice when buying a hydroponics system that will not only give you a thriving soil-less gardening experience, but also give you value for your money.

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