How to Setup a Homemade Hydroponic System

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Building your own homemade hydroponic system at home is a breathtaking experience. You will be able to get a functional indoor gardening system within a small budget. Once it’s ready, (refer to our guide on how to build a homemade Deep Water Culture Hydroponic System) the next step is to now focus on how you will set it up so as to start growing your plants.

In order to setup your homemade hydroponic system, you need to follow these simple steps;

  • Create an ideal storage location
  • Inspect your system thoroughly to ensure everything is in place
  • Fill the tank/bucket with nutrient solution
  • Fit the Styrofoam gently into the reservoir
  • Insert the air line/tube through the designated hole into the reservoir
  • Connect the external air pump and switch it on
  • Prepare the plants and put them in net pots
  • Place the net pots each at one hole
  • Monitor your plants grow regularly


Step 1; Create a Good Storage Location


hydroponic systemWhere are you going to place your homemade hydroponic system? Is it indoors or outdoors? An ideal storage location should be a well leveled platform to ensure even flow and circulation of nutrients.

The system should be placed in an area where it’s firm to prevent any breakage. You can decide to place your hydroponic system in the patio, balcony or deck but you must ensure that it’s safe from any intruder and excessive heat.

For indoor gardening systems, grow lights are needed in order to provide alternative source of light.

Step 2; Inspect the System

Once you have settled on your ideal storage location, it’s time now to check whether everything is in place. Is the reservoir tank water proof? Are your plants ready? Do you have the nutrients?

This step will help you gather all the necessary components and perform a quick inspection.

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Step 3; Fill the Tank/Bucket with Nutrient Solution

grow nutrientsAfter a quick inspection and ensuring that everything is fine. It’s time to now fill the tank with nutrient solutions. Depending with your reservoir capacity (gallons), mix the right amount of nutrients with water in the tank.

A well calibrated reservoir will indicate the water nutrients level.


Step 4; Fit the Styrofoam Gently Into the Reservoir

Pick your Styrofoam and place it gently in the water tank. This will give you an opportunity to inspect whether it’s able to float and fit well in the reservoir. This is the component that will hold your plants and prevent them from “drowning”.


Step 5; Place the Air Line into the Reservoir through the Designated Hole

The air line is the conduit which carries oxygen and brings it into the reservoir. Oxygenated nutrients solution is necessary for the plant roots. Without oxygen, plant roots will dry up and the plants will not grow.

Ensure that the air stone is at the bottom or in the middle level of the tank so that it can evenly supply the much needed oxygen to every plant roots.


Step 6; Connect the External Air Pump and Switch It ON

Connect the air pump and switch it on. Allow for it to run for about 20-30 minutes. This will ensure that water and nutrients are mixed thoroughly. Once this is done, it’s time now to get your plants ready.


Step 7; Prepare the Plants and Put Them on the Net Pots

Pick the plants that you want to grow and place them on net pots. The number of plants should match the number of holes in the Styrofoam. Place the net pots each at one hole at a time.

Once this step is done, your homemade hydroponic system is fully assembled and you can now enjoy growing different plants through this modern gardening system.


Step 8; Monitor the System Regularly

Regular inspection is required to ensure that the system is functioning properly. You should also monitor the level of nutrient solutions frequently and replace the depleted nutrients to prevent plants from drying up.


It’s also important to inspect whether there is any disease or pest affecting your plants so as to control them as early as possible.

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