Types of Fertilizer Spreaders for your Lawn

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Sustaining a healthy and attractive lawn requires regular maintenance and applying fertilizer on the lawn is one of the commonly done practices. If you have a large lawn, spreading the fertilizer by hand can be a daunting task. That’s why you need a gardening tool called fertilizer spreader to make your work easier and enjoyable. Fertilizer spreaders have gained a lot of popularity and they a very effective.

What is a Fertilizer Spreader?

A fertilizer spreader is a gardening tool that is used to spread lawn products such as fertilizer and grass seeds on lawn uniformly. They are effective and get the job done faster compared to manual spread. There are different types of fertilizer spreaders on the market today each with different functionality and design to suit their intended use.

If you are wondering which type of fertilizer spreader is ideal for you, ask yourself the following questions;

  • What is your lawn size/shape?
  • What is the intensity of wind in your locality?
  • Do you have more or less time to spend on your lawn?

Answering the above questions will help you select the ideal fertilizer spreader that meets your lawn requirements.

Types of Fertilizer Lawn Spreaders

There are different types of fertilizer lawn spreaders. They can be categorized as either broadcast spreaders or drop spreaders.

Let’s look at them in details. They can be summarized as;

Best Lawn Fertilizer Spreaders Comparison Table

Product NameCapacityFit forPrice
Scotts Turf Builder Pro EdgeGuard Deluxe Broadcast Spreader15,000 sq. ft.Medium LawnsView on Amazon
Agri-Fab 45-0288 175-Pound Max Tow Behind Drop Spreader, Black40,000 sq. ft.LargeView on Amazon
Scotts Elite Broadcast Spreader with EdgeGuard20,000 Sq. ft.Medium lawnsView on Amazon
Scotts Wizz Hand-Held Spreader2,500 sq. ft.Small LawnsView on Amazon
Titan 50 lb Professional Broadcast Spreader for Lawn Fertilizer Seed50 PoundsMedium-LargeView on Amazon
Agri-Fab 45-0463 130-Pound Tow Behind Broadcast Spreader130 Pounds (25,000 sq. ft.)Medium-LargeView on Amazon
Scotts Handy Green II Hand-Held Broadcast Spreader1,000 sq. ft.Small LawnsView on Amazon
Scotts Turf Builder Classic Drop Spreader10,000 sq. ft.MediumView on Amazon
Lesco Drop Spreader120 lbsMedium-LargeView on Amazon

Broadcast Spreaders


 Broadcast spreaders are mostly used to spread fertilizer on large lawns. Broadcast fertilizer spreader has a large hopper where fertilizer is put and uses a horizontal spinning disk to scatter the fertilizer on your lawn.

You can adjust the settings of your spreader holes to control the amount of fertilizer to be released and the distance of the spread.

Broadcast lawn spreaders are fast compared to the drop spreaders and they get the job done within a short period of time.

Broadcast fertilizer spreaders are also known as rotary spreaders and they are either; tow-behind, handheld or walk-behind.

Drop Spreaders

Drop Spreaders

 Drop spreaders are used when you want more accurate and uniformed spreading. They have medium hopper where you place your lawn products and they use gravity to drop the fertilizer to your desired areas.

Due to their high level of accuracy, you can comfortably use them in any area of your lawn without worrying about spreading the lawn products to other undesired areas.

When using drop lawn spreaders, ensure that you have overlapped the wheels so as to avoid strips on your lawn that are not spread.

Drop spreaders are slow and they are ideal for use in small lawns.

Scotts 76565 Turf Builder Classic Drop Spreader, Single Pack
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Scotts 76565 Turf Builder Classic Drop Spreader, Single Pack
  • Large capacity hopper holds up to 10,000 sq. ft. of Scotts lawn product, including grass seed and fertilizer
  • Heavy-duty frame for optimum stability
  • 22-inch spread pattern delivers maximum coverage and accuracy
  • Fully assembled
  • Ready to use and pre-calibrated

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Tow-Behind Spreaders

tow behind

Tow-behind spreaders are designed with a hitch that can be attached to a tractor or ATVs. Check out some of the best lawn spreaders for ATV here.

They are heavy-duty and they are used to spread lawn products on larger lawns. They are bigger compared to other models of broadcast spreaders.

They also have a large hopper and they can spread at a longer distance compared to others.

Tow-behind spreaders are faster and don’t require frequent fertilizer refills.

Hand-Held Fertilizer Lawn Spreaders


 Hand-held fertilizer spreaders are the easiest broadcast spreaders to use even for beginners.

They have a small hopper where you put your fertilizer, adjust the settings and rotate the crank to start spreading the fertilizer.

Hand-held spreaders are lightweight therefore, you don’t get tired when carrying them around.

On the other hand, they have smaller hopper compared to other versions of broadcast spreaders something that demands regular refill.

They also consume a lot of time and they are good for use in small lawns.

Walk-Behind Lawn Spreaders


 Walk-behind broadcast spreaders are bigger than hand-held spreaders and they are pushed forward by the operator so as to spread the fertilizer to the designated areas.

They have large capacity area and you can use them for medium-large lawns.

They can be used even in tough-terrains and you can adjust the settings to control the amount of fertilizer that is released.

Walk-behind spreaders are easy to use and refill.

EarthWay 2600A-Plus 40lb Broadcast Spreader with Pneumatic Tires
  • NO YARD STRIPES, SPEAD EVENLY – Patented 3-hole drop lawn spreader technology provides a feathered spreading edge for accurate fertilizer or seeding applications. Unlike our competitor’s single hole drop system that will leave dark stripes, our seeder spreader provides an accurate rate and our side spread control system can be adjusted to accommodate narrow sections of lawn.
  • MADE IN AMERICA – All EarthWay products are designed and constructed locally in Bristol, Indiana USA. Competitors import overseas components or complete spreaders. Help our local economy by investing in a spreader made locally by your fellow Americans. Visit our website for our 20-minute quick setup assembly video, manuals, or to ask for help from our experienced support team.
  • 40LB CAPACITY – The medium-duty spreader can hold up to 40 Lbs./18kg of granular material, and it has a rust-proof polypropylene hopper. While the spreader has professional features, it can operate in tight corners and be easily stored in your shed or garage.
  • STEEL T-HANDLE – This seeder/spreader is built with a strong, powdercoated, steel chassis and sturdy T-shaped (contractor spreader type) handle. Our EarthWay spreader is designed with reliable solid linkage (not the cheap cable versions that stretch) which ensures a positive shut off, excellent rate control, and long-term durability.
  • HIGH-FLOTATION TIRES – This spreader has pneumatic tires to provide 9” of floatation across your turf. In the winter, these tires will grip rough terrain or wintry conditions. The competition uses plastic tires that slide on wet turf or icy driveways or break upon impact with curbs or tree roots. Choose to gift a quality spreader with rubber air tires that roll easily on all surfaces.

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We believe that after assessing the above features of different types of fertilizer lawn spreaders, you will have an easy time selecting the perfect spreader for your lawn. When using a fertilizer lawn spreader, ensure that you turned it off before adding the lawn products.

In addition, use a hard surface when adding the lawn products to make it easier to collect any spillage.

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