Humane Mouse Traps and How They Work

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One of the most common types of pest infestation that we experience around our living areas are mice. They are attracted to our homes and offices due to favorable living conditions such as water, food, and shelter. Getting rid of mice in our living areas can be a frustrating and risky task if it’s not carried out in the right manner. If you are the kind of person who can’t withstand touching and disposing a dead mouse, humane mouse traps should be your top choice anytime you want to trap mice and other small rodents.

Humane mouse traps gives you an opportunity to trap the mice without killing or harming them.

Once you have successfully trapped the mice, you can take it to your preferred location (far from your home compound) and release it safely.

They are also used by conservationist who want to trap small rodents for research purposes.

Humane mouse traps use bait to lure mice and other rodents into the cage or cubes. Once the mouse enters the cage, a sensitive trap door system locks itself and traps the mouse inside.

The rodents are trapped alive with no injuries. Also, the inner cage/cube surfaces are softened to prevent any damages or injuries to the mouse.

Best Humane Mouse Traps Comparison Table

Smart Mouse TrapsMice CubesLive Cage Mouse traps
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Key Features– 4 air holes to keep the trap well ventilated
– The door closes gently
– Transparent Colouring
– Safe
– Reusable
– Clean
– smoothed internal edge
– Safe
– Reusable

In order to increase the chances of trapping the mice, use the best smelling baits that will lure many mice to move inside the trap.

The most popular types of humane mouse traps are metal caged and plastic tubes.

They can catch more rodents depending with the size of the trap and you can release them far away from your house or use them for research purposes.

  • Humane mouse traps do not kill the rodents. You just catch and release them alive in a humane manner.
  • They can catch up to 30 mice at a go, therefore, making it easier to deal with high pest infestation.
  • Humane mouse traps are highly effective and have high success rate compared to other type of mouse traps
  • They are safe and non-toxic. You can use them in your home without much worry of children and other pets
  • Humane mouse traps are built to last. They are also reusable making them cost effective.

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  • Humane mouse traps require regular and close monitoring. Because you are dealing with alive rodents, you must keep a close eye on the trap so as to move the rodents before they starve and die.
  • They are not ideal for persons who can’t handle living rodents. You must have the guts of handling this living small creatures.

Smart Mouse traps are made of green transparent plastic small house-like shape.

A stainless steel spring is fitted to close the door once the mouse enters the trap.

You can use bait to lure the rodent into the trap and once the trigger plate is touched, the spring will move swiftly and close the trap door thus, locking the mice inside the trap.
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Smart mouse traps are also very popular and they are some of the best sellers of humane mouse traps globally.

Motel Mouse Humane No Kill Live Catch and Release Mouse Traps, Reusable with Cleaning Brush – 4 Pack
  • WORRY-FREE CATCH & RELEASE – Mouse friendly live mouse traps, designed to catch mice in a stress and cruelty free way. With extra air holes and plenty of space, these ethical mouse traps provide a comfortable space & a compassionate solution.
  • NO STRESS AROUND KIDS & PETS – Easy set up that only takes a minute and can be used around the home without concerns about accidents. Non killing trap, secure & friendly for kid, cat, dog, hamster, animals. Mouse tube trap, no hurt mice.
  • THE COMPLETE PACKAGE – Alive mouse trap with a cleaning brush, tips & tricks, instruction booklet and video guide. Everything you need to become a master mouse catcher in no time! You get all the tools and knowledge for successful, humane catching.
  • NO TOUCH RELEASE – With this trap door mouse trap you release the rodent without coming into contact with it. Motelmouse small rodent live trap with improved release mechanism ensures a smooth release, allowing you use it with confidence and ease.
  • COST-EFFECTIVE – Grab the deal and receive the best value on Motel Mouse Traps on the market. A long-lasting solution that saves you money. Rinse and repeat, release your catch, clean the trap with hot water and soap and you’re for your next catch.

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They have high success rate and they are easy to use.

Smart mouse traps are also designed with ventilation holes on the top which ensures that the rodent does not suffocate once it’s trapped.

Smart mouse traps are safe for use in your home and they are durable.

To make the trap door more sensitive, you can add some weight on top of the trigger plate so as to make it more effective.

Mice cubes are other popular humane mouse traps that are highly effective.

Some of the outstanding unique features of mice cubes is that they are safe, clean, non-toxic and reusable.

They are of semi-clear hard plastic rectangular box with a single door that swings inwards when pushed by the mouse and then closes trapping the mouse inside the box.

Mice Cube Reusable Humane Mouse Trap 4 Pack
  • Humane live no-kill mouse trap
  • Safe, Clean, Silent, Re-usable
  • Easy to Use – Catch & Release
  • One way swinging door
  • The Only Mousetrap You’ll Ever Use

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Mice cubes use bait to attract the rodent inside the box.

In order to increase chances of successful trapping, ensure that you have placed the bait at the far end from the door.

Mice cubes are easy to use since they don’t require any setup and you can trap more than one mouse with just a single setup.

The only major drawback of mice cubes is that they don’t have ventilation spaces.

This means that the rodent might die if the trap is not closely monitored.

To increase the chances of survival, it’s advisable to make a few small holes on the sides of that plastic box so that air can enter in and out of the trap with ease.

Havahart mouse traps are made of wire mesh and steel for reinforcement.

They are designed to lure the mouse inside the cage and once it enters, the door automatically locks itself thus, trapping the mouse inside.

The traps has a bait table at the center where you can place your bait such as peanut butter.

Once you have set the trap at the right location, the sensitive spring door lets the mouse in and does the magic.

Havahart 1026 Small 1-Door Humane Live Catch and Release Animal Trap for Squirrels, Weasels,…
  • Designed for humane catch & release of squirrels, weasels, chipmunks, and similarly sized animals
  • Safety Shield protects users from animal contact so it’s safer for you and them
  • Comfort Grip handle and lightweight design allows for easy carrying
  • Sturdy galvanized wire mesh resists damage and rust
  • Made in the USA from global components

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They are sturdy and safe for use in your living areas. The mesh wire is fitted to ensure a free flow of air into the cage so that the rodent stays alive.

Havahart humane mouse traps are reusable and highly effective.

The interiors are also softened to reduce any chances of injury that might result to the death of trapped rodents.

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