Best Mouse Traps to Buy Reviews & Buying Guide

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 Best Mouse Traps To Buy Guide

Mice infestation is one of the common problem that we have to deal with in our living areas. Whether it’s in your own home or office, you will come across this uninvited guest “Rodent” once in a while. If proper pest control measures are not undertaken, these mice might end up destroying your valuables. Therefore, it is important to get yourself the best mouse traps and keep your house or office free from mice infestation. But which are the best mouse traps to buy?

There are different types of mouse traps on the market to choose from. They include; Snap mouse traps, electronic mouse traps, multiple catch mouse traps, Glue mouse traps, Mouse baiting traps, humane mouse traps and trapper hidden kill mouse traps.

Sometimes it’s difficult to determine the best mouse traps to buy but there are a number of factors that you can consider to help you choose the best mouse traps.

We have spent over 40 hours researching for the best mouse traps to buy on the market.

If you want to say goodbye to the frequent disturbance of mice in your living areas(or anywhere else), the following list of the best mouse trap ever reviews will help you choose the most ideal mouse trap for your specific need.

Best Mouse Traps to Buy; Quick Picks

Here is our detailed review of the Best Mouse Traps To Buy

Snap-E Mouse Trap-6 Pack

If you need a mouse trap that can eliminate all the pest mice and even chipmunks, this Snap-E mouse trap is a great choice. It’s designed to offer a quick response and the rodent stays trapped.

You will catch the mice and other rodents and dispose them without touching them. Snap-E mouse trap is designed with durable polystyrene and steel thus, making it last longer compared to the traditional rat traps.

Snap-E Mouse Trap-6 Pack
  • Package Height : 19.8 Cm
  • Package Length : 5.1 Cm
  • Package Width : 10.6 Cm
  • Product Type : Outdoor Living

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Key features include;

  • Bait cup which facilitate easy baiting
  • Vertical strike bar that moves halve the distance of wooden traps
  • Extra-large trip paddle and strike bar which makes it easy to trap the mouse from either front, sides or the back


  • Affordable and simple to use
  • Safe and sanitary. You don’t touch the mice when removing it
  • Reusable
  • Easy to bait
  • Stain and odor resistant

Catcha 2-Pack Humane Smart Mouse Trap

One of the outstanding feature that stands out on this modern smart mouse trap is its ability to lure and trap live rodents. If your aim is to just remove the mouse without harming it, then Catcha-2 Pack Smart mouse trap should be your top priority.

It offers a live catch and release option and its safe for use at any area including your home. It comes with a spring door that closes when the mouse enters inside to eat the bait. It’s easy to use and you can operate it from anywhere.

Catcha 2 Piece Humane Smart Mouse Trap Live Catch and Release Rodents, Safe Around Children and Pets
5,231 Reviews
Catcha 2 Piece Humane Smart Mouse Trap Live Catch and Release Rodents, Safe Around Children and Pets
  • EFFECTIVE: Catcha no kill mouse trap with a spring door that closes once the mouse go inside to eat the bait which you set. Once the door closes, the mouse can’t get out until you open it up;
  • EXTREMELY SAFE: No poison; No glue; No touching mice or any dropping so no risk of disease; Safe around children and pets; Especially suitable for use at home;
  • EASY TO USE: Simply place the peanut butter in the compartment and open the spring door. When mice are caught alive and unharmed, all you have to do is take the trap out to a wooded area and release the mouse;
  • REUSEABLE: After releasing the mice, clean the mouse trap and set it again. It can be used over and over;
  • EXTREMELY HUMANE: No kill animals, endorsed by Humane Societies and Animal Rights Organizations in the U.S. and Worldwide.

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Key features;

  • Spring door which locks itself once the mouse enters the trap
  • Durable materials thus, making it long-lasting
  • Bait storage area which is large enough to lure the mouse inside


  • Highly effective. It does not disappoint
  • Ideal for use in homestead with pets and children as it does not use poison to catch the mice
  • Durable and you can re-use it thus, getting value for money
  • Extremely humane. No killing the rodent( just trap, catch and release the mouse alive)

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Kat Sense Pest Control Rat Traps-6 Packs

Are you in an area with high mice infestation? The only way to eliminate those mice is by applying multiple pest control rat traps at various areas.

The Kat Sense 6-packs pest control traps are effective anti-rodent infestation solutions that can help you achieve this objective. They are designed with a highly sensitive pedal and catching “teeth” that guarantees 100% success rate.

An integrated bait cup feature allows you to place a bait to lure the rat for easier trapping. They are reusable and you are guaranteed value for your hard earned money. It’s safe for use even in sensitive areas as compared to the other poisoning methods.

To get greater results, place the traps on areas where mice are active such as walling, behind appliances or pathways.

Kat Sense Large Rat Traps for House, Powerful Instant Humane Kill Snap Traps for Mice, Easy Pest...
348 Reviews
Kat Sense Large Rat Traps for House, Powerful Instant Humane Kill Snap Traps for Mice, Easy Pest…
  • Safe And Sanitary Pest Control – Free your home from unwanted pests and keep your household safe and sanitary with the best rat trap in the market. Boasting a smart, integrated bait cap feature that allows you to place your chosen rat attractant or bait to lure the mice in, as well as an extra sturdy, polystyrene construction that promises to last for years to come without losing its efficiency, you can finally get the rodent eradication results you have been asking for.
  • Successfully Capture Rats – No Escape – Forget about false triggers, stolen bait and escaping mice. Kat Sense rat traps feature a powerful, highly responsive snap mechanism with a sensitive pedal and specially designed teeth to seize mice and rats every time. The improved, humane design ensures that rodents are killed fast and with as little pain as possible.
  • Set It And Forget It – Say goodbye to ineffective, pest control methods that leave dead, decomposing mice in your home structure. Place these mice killer traps alone or in pairs near baseboards, corners or in spaces, where rodents might hide and forget about them. Once the rodent triggers the trap, the high precision, stainless steel spring will hold it in place with 35% more force than other rat traps in the market, without breaking the skin, ensuring a mess free kill, every time.
  • Easy To Use Multiple Times – Unlike traditional, wood traps that are difficult to set and tend to leave foul odors and blood stains, these rat traps are made of washable material for easy cleaning and removal of offensive odors from previous catches that can potentially alert mice to avoid the trap, making them a hygienic option for efficient rat removal again and again. The trap can be easily pressed to open over a garbage bin for quick and hands-free disposal.
  • Get It Risk-Free – Being so sure about the top quality and excellent performance of our rat traps, we are able to offer you a hassle-free return – complete satisfaction. In the unlikely event that these effective mice traps don’t meet or exceed your expectations, you can return them for a full refund of your purchase, in no time. Can you really afford to miss this offer?

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Key features;

  • Polystyrene construction for guaranteed durability
  • Strong spring and pedal
  • Bait cup to lure the rodent inside the trap


  • Safe and sanitary. Its mess free
  • Durable and Reusable
  • 100% Rate Kill rate
  • Money-back guarantee

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Havahart 1077 One-door Animal Trap for Chipmunk,Rat, and Weasel

Having gained a lot of popularity among trapping professionals, Havahart 1077 live animal cage trap model is your ideal trap that helps you get rid of all small-sized pests.

It’s designed with an ultra-sensitive trip-plate coupled with a close-set of wire mesh to guarantee safe trapping and zero escape. It’s ideal for chipmunks, squirrels, rats and weasel. It works by luring a rodent into the trap by use of a bait and the gravity action door closes once the rat enters the cage.

The close-set wire mesh holds the mouse safely so as you can come and remove it humanely as possible. It’s one of the best humane mouse trap that we have on the market today.

Havahart 1045SR Large 2-Door Humane Catch and Release Live Animal Trap for Armadillos, Beavers,...
2,078 Reviews
Havahart 1045SR Large 2-Door Humane Catch and Release Live Animal Trap for Armadillos, Beavers,…
  • Humanely Captures Animals – Ideal for armadillos, beavers, cats, small dogs, small foxes, groundhogs, opossums, and raccoons
  • Innovative Safety Features – Smooth internal edges prevent injuries to animals while inside & a handle guard protects you from contact with the animal
  • 2-Door Design – Two spring-loaded doors create a clear path, encouraging animal interaction and increasing catch rates
  • Designed by Pros – The fine-tuned trip mechanism targets heavier critters, eliminating false triggers, while the powerful door ensures secure captures
  • Built to Last – Made with galvanized, one-piece wire mesh for maximum resistance to rust and corrosion. The solid steel door adds to the durability

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Key features include;

  • One gravity-action door that comes with a sensitive trigger
  • Smoothed internal edges to ensure that the animal is not wounded
  • Rust and corrosion resistant materials. Guaranteed durability
  • A carrying handle to ensure that you don’t physically touch the animal


  • Highly effective and humane
  • Durable and built to last
  • No assembly required. Comes fully assembled
  • Smoothed internal edges for secured trapping
  • Higher catch rates

Kensizer Small Animals Humane Live Cage Rat Mouse Trap

Another great humane live animal trap for all your pest control need is Kensizer Small cage. It gives you an opportunity to trap the small rodents and release them safely without injuring or killing them.

It’s one of the best mouse traps to buy as its non-toxic (Gets the job done without any poison application). Kensizer small humane live cage is made of durable lightweight Aluminum structure that is built to last.

You can comfortably use it in sensitive areas including your home since it does not pose any danger to children or pets.

Kensizer Animal Humane Live Cage Trap That Work for Rat Mouse Chipmunk Mice Voles Hamsters and Other...
16,006 Reviews
Kensizer Animal Humane Live Cage Trap That Work for Rat Mouse Chipmunk Mice Voles Hamsters and Other…
  • Humane Live Animal Trap – After catching them, you can release them at any time. Product Size: 12 x 6.5 x 5 inches.
  • Light Weight Galvanized Steel – Sturdy and Durable, the finest wire mesh won’t be bitten open by those small animals’ teeth. It’s not fit for opossum or big squirrel, since they can bite the trap broken and escape.
  • High sensitive trigger mechanism – Once the trigger is touched, the door will be auto-locked immediately and keep the critters in it.
  • Exclusive Patented Design – Innovative, efficient and easy to use, it’s widely recognized by the users. Rat trap that work for chipmunk, rat, mouse and other rodent animal.
  • Premium Customer Service – If it’s damaged in half a year, please contact us and show us the pictures, we will send you a replacement.

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It’s highly efficient thanks to its sensitive trigger mechanism and auto-lock doors which reacts at the slightest provocation and retains the rodent safely in the cage for your safe disposal.

Key features;

  • Lightweight Aluminum structure
  • Close-set wire mesh
  • Sensitive trigger mechanism
  • Exclusive patented design
  • Auto-lock door


  • Lightweight
  • Highly effective
  • Durable
  • Affordable and assured safety

Victor Electronic Mouse Trap-M250S

It’s one of the best electric mouse traps we have on the market today. Victor mouse traps have a proven track record due to their unmatched excellence when it comes to pest control.

Unlike the old-fashioned wooden mouse traps, Victor electronic mouse trap uses advance smart circuit technology to sense any rodent entry into the trap. This best electric mouse trap features a high voltage shock which have the ability to kill the rodent in just 5 seconds.

If you are wondering whether it’s safe to use in homes, it comes with an inbuilt safety switch plus a tunnel design for maximum safety. All you need is to place the bait and set the mouse trap at ideal location and watch the magic happen.

The beveled columns are designed to absolutely eliminate rat escapes and this increases the capture rate thus, making it very effective.

Victor M250S Indoor Electronic Humane Mouse Trap - No Touch, No See Electric Mouse Trap
14,962 Reviews
Victor M250S Indoor Electronic Humane Mouse Trap – No Touch, No See Electric Mouse Trap
  • 100% Kill Rate – Beveled columns also help to keep the mouse in place over the trigger plate to prevent escapes
  • Humane, High-Voltage Shock – Once inside, the circuit triggers a high-voltage shock, humanely killing the mouse in seconds
  • Built-in Safety Features – A safety switch automatically deactivates the trap when opened, helping to protect children and pets
  • No Touch, No See – The removable kill chamber allows you to easily discard dead rodents without ever having to touch or view it
  • LED Alerts – A green LED light notifies you of a catch, so you know when it’s time to empty the trap without having to check manually

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Once a rat has been trapped and killed, you just flip the lid and dispose it safely without causing any mess.

Key features;

  • Humane high voltage shock
  • Built-in safety switch
  • Unique tunnel design for increased catch rate and safety
  • Light indicator for a kill or low battery


  • Simple to bait and use
  • Kills 100 mice per 4 AA batteries
  • No mess/chemical poisons
  • Reusable and durable
  • No mice escapes


  • 4 AA batteries not included
  • For indoor use only

Hoont Powerful Electronic Rodent Trap

Another best electric mouse trap machine is this Hoont rodent trap. It employs the improved smart detection technology to sense any rodent entry instantly.

It’s designed to produce up-to 7000V shock which kills the rodent within seconds. Hoont advanced electric rodent trap can be used to control the infestation of mice, rats, squirrels, chipmunks among other small rodents.

It’s easy to use and safe for use in sensitive areas such as home. With just a small amount of bait, you ca lure the mice to enter the trap and the trap will do the rest. It’s operated using though direct connection to power source or batteries.

With this kind of improved electric mouse trap, you can turn your home or office a pest-free zone within a few days. Its mess free (no bloody splashes or hand removal) as all you need to do is to slide and dispose the dead mouse safely and place it back for the next catch!

Hoont advanced electric rodent trap is another great choice for anyone looking for the best mouse traps to buy.

Ebung Electric Mouse Trap and Rat, Rodent, Chipmunk Zapper That Work— Instant and Humane Rodent...
1,268 Reviews
Ebung Electric Mouse Trap and Rat, Rodent, Chipmunk Zapper That Work— Instant and Humane Rodent…
  • ADVANCED MOUSE TRAP— EBUNG rodent zapper features a cutting-edge technology with an intelligent wireless circuit sensor that quickly detects when a rodent has entered and instantly kills it — rat zapper also keeps other pesky pests like mice, chipmunks & squirrels away!
  • EASY TO USE WITH DUAL POWER OPTIONS— The electric rat trap runs on either A/C power with included adapter or 4 D batteries (not included). Simply switch on the electric rat trap and place it in the desired area — electric mouse trap that requires no complicated instructions to follow!
  • HUMANE ELECTRONIC RAT KILLER — With a powerful electric shock of 7000 V, our electronic rodent zapper ethically kills the animals without any pain or suffering, immediately — simply the BEST RAT TRAP!
  • SAFE & NON-TOXIC — Poisons and chemical rodent killers emit toxic fumes that can be harmful for adults as well as children, our mice traps require no such dangerous lethal substances — RELIABLE & TRUSTWORTHY mouse repellent!
  • SMART DESIGN & COST EFFECTIVE— Measuring 11 in x 4.5 in x 5 in with a rodent tunnel measuring 3.23 in x 3.42 in, our REUSABLE rat traps have an easy disposal design — simply lift the lid of the rodent repellent device & empty the remains in the dustbin — NO TOUCH CLEANING SYSTEM!

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Key features;

  • Smart sensitive technology
  • Light indicator
  • Curved tunnel for safe disposal
  • High voltage shock to kill the rodent within seconds at no pain


  • Highly effective
  • Durable
  • High kill rates
  • Safe and no messy


  • Batteries sold separately
  • Only used for indoor trapping

Tomcat Mouse Size Glue Trap-6 Pack

Designed with a professional strength, non-toxic and being ready to use are some of the outstanding features that makes this mouse trap popular.

Eugenol formula is used to enhance stickiness and it works best when used around your living areas to eliminate mice and other pests. It’s safe for indoor use and you don’t have to worry for your pet and children.

It has high trapping rate making it one of the best mouse traps you can buy at a pocket-friendly rate.

Tomcat Glue Traps Mouse Size with Eugenol for Enhanced Stickiness, Contains 6 Mouse Size Glue Traps...
27,459 Reviews
Tomcat Glue Traps Mouse Size with Eugenol for Enhanced Stickiness, Contains 6 Mouse Size Glue Traps…
  • Effectively captures mice and other household pests
  • Includes Eugenol for enhanced stickiness
  • Also traps a variety of insects, including spiders, roaches or even scorpions
  • Helps you control your mice or pest problem
  • Glue traps are easy to use, allowing placement in small places like entry and garage doors, below windows, near utilities and any other areas where rodents tend to hide

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Key features;

  • Eugenol formula for increased stickiness
  • Durable and highly effective


  • Non-toxic
  • Ready-to-use
  • Safe for use indoors

We believe our detailed review of the best mouse traps to buy will help you make an informed buying decision and say goodbye to the frequent mice infestation.

The best mouse trap to buy should be durable, highly effective, safe and budget friendly.

How to Choose the Best Mouse Traps to Buy

Mouse trap functionality

Different mouse traps work differently. Mouse trap functionality is an important factor to consider when choosing the best mouse traps to buy. For instance, if you decide to purchase a Snap trap, they will trap the mouse and possibly kill it.

You must be willing to manually remove the trapped dead mouse and dispose it. On the other hand, multiple catch traps will trap the mice alive but they require someone who is comfortable handling live mice.

If you cannot withstand seeing a live mouse, then these types of mouse traps are not good for you.

Best Mouse Traps to Buy

Other mouse traps functions differently and it’s important that you ascertain the functionality of a particular mouse trap before spending your money on it.

The purpose of catching the mouse

If you are a scientist or a conservationist, one thing you would wish is to get the mice without causing any injury or harm. As such, you would require a mouse trap that can catch the mice alive and not the one that kills them.

A multiple catch mouse trap should be your best mouse traps to buy in such a situation. They work perfectly and you will get your mice is a good condition.

Glue traps can harm the mice and they are also not recommended for such projects.

Ease of inspection

How frequent will you be able to inspect your trap? Will you be away for a longer period from where you have setup the traps?

This questions can also help you determine the best mouse traps to buy. We all know that snap, electronic, multiple catch and glue mouse traps catches and holds the mice at that particular location.

If you don’t dispose the mice in good time, this might end up making the mice to die and start rotting. This will fill your entire living area or office with smelly odor of dead corpse making the entire area inhabitable.

In such a scenario, you might consider using baiting station.

Trap location

Are you planning to trap mice in a sensitive area? Whether it is in your house or office, there are those sensitive areas that require caution. If you have mice infestation in the kitchen/store areas, you cannot use poison lures to kill the mice as this might lead to contamination.

If you have expensive carpets or upholstery, you will also be careful not to use a mouse trap that will leave bloody or dead mice corpse spreading all over the place. If you have a sensitive place and it’s infested by mice, you can choose to go for electronic or bait station traps.


Although the initial cost of a mouse trap is  a key consideration to make, some mouse traps comes with operating costs while others just require minimal interventions.

It’s paramount to understand that if you choose to buy an electronic mouse trap you will incur operating cost. In addition, baiting station also require regular replacements.

The best mouse traps to buy should be fairly price and with minimal or no operating cost.

 How to Effectively use the Best Mouse Traps

In order to increase the chances of successful mouse trapping, employ the following proven tips and tricks.

Set the trap at the ideal location

As we all know, mice keep on moving from one place to another. If you can keenly track the movement pattern of the mice, it will become easier for you to trap them.

The best location to place the mouse trap is the area which mice love the most. The most common areas include along the walls, pathways, corners or behind appliances.

You can also use many traps and set them at various intervals as this will increase the chances of a successful catch.

Once you ascertain the ideal location it becomes easier for you to trap the mice.

Use many traps

Using more than one mouse traps will increase the chances of successful trapping. Different target areas will require different strategies depending with the size of the entire area.

It’s advisable to use the traps at various intervals targeting the prone areas where mice are usually active.

Combine different types of mouse traps

In situations where there is high level of mice infestation, combining different types of mouse traps can help in catching multiple mice.

For instance, you can consider using both snap traps and glue traps together.

Best Mouse traps to buy
Snap E-Mouse Trap

If a mouse tries to jump over a snap trap, chances are it might get stuck on the glue traps. This method works perfectly when the two different mouse traps are placed at close range.

Use of lures/baits

Using lure/baits will attract more mice near the trap and increase the chances of successful trapping. It’s important to understand the type of lure that mice love most. In most cases, lure rich in protein have high chances of attractive mice compared to other types of food.

Therefore, using small amount of meat, peanut butter, or chocolate have high chances of enticing mice.

For this strategy to work, it’s advisable to give the lure/bait of a unique food type that the mice are not used to.

Correct timing

It’s much easier to trap many mice on the first night as they are not aware of any impending danger. Thus, ensure that you maximize on your first day and try as much as possible to capture many mice as you can.

Setting many traps at different intervals can help you get hold of many mice within a short period of time. This method is commonly known as aggressive trapping.

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