How to Sharpen Lawn Mower Blades

how to sharpen a lawn mower blade

The mowing season is here with us and it’s time to groom our lawn garden and give it a new look. Cutting the long grass into medium level makes the lawn more sparkling and attractive. But what do you do when your lawn mower starts to cut uneven patterns of grass that leaves your garden … Read more

Types of Lawn Mowers; Electric, Gasoline, Robotic and Hover Lawn Mowers

types of lawn mowers

Mowing is one of the common landscaping maintenance practices that every gardener must perform in order to maintain a neat and healthy lawn. To achieve great results, you need to use the right mowing tools. A lawn mower is what you need as it enables you cut your grass tidily with great precision. Over the … Read more

Different types of leaf blowers; Handheld, backpack and Walk behind Blowers

Types of Leaf blowers

If you have trees and flowers around your garden landscape, you will often encounter fallen dead leaves that spread all over the lawn and pathways. This makes the home compound appear untidy if the leaves are not removed frequently. However, it’s not easy to collect these leaves and other debris by hand when cleaning your … Read more

How to Choose the Right Lawn Spreader for Your Lawn

how to choose the right lawn spreader

Choosing the right lawn spreader has significant impact on the results and satisfaction that you get when you use it on your lawn during seeding or fertilizing seasons. A good lawn spreader should be fit for the job and long-lasting. Today, the market is filled with different varieties of lawn spreaders and choosing the perfect … Read more

Types of Fertilizer Spreaders for your Lawn


Sustaining a healthy and attractive lawn requires regular maintenance and applying fertilizer on the lawn is one of the commonly done practices. If you have a large lawn, spreading the fertilizer by hand can be a daunting task. That’s why you need a gardening tool called fertilizer spreader to make your work easier and enjoyable. … Read more