Lawn Dethatching; A Secret to A Healthy And Evergreen Lawn

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Major causes a fading lawn are lack of proper dethatching and aeration. Maintaining a healthy lawn requires regular lawn care practices such as mowing, weeding, watering, seeding and fertilizing. A well maintained lawn gives your homestead aesthetic value and it usually feels refreshing when relaxing outdoors with family and friends.

What is lawn dethatching?

Lawn dethatching is the practice of removing dead grass, leaves and debris that accumulates beneath the grass known as thatch. A small layer of thatch is beneficial to your lawn but any thicker layer of thatch beyond half inch is bad for your grass as it inhibits water and nutrients from trickling down to the grassroots.

What leads to thatch buildup?

To your surprise, thatch build-up is by far contributed by overdoing normal lawn care practices. Over fertilizing, over watering and more frequent mowing can contribute to a great extend to thatch build-up.

Therefore, it advisable to observe a balanced lawn maintenance schedule so as to avoid over doing such practices that end up harming your lawn.

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While a thin thatch layer helps in maintaining proper soil moisture and temperature, a thicker layer on the other hand inhibits grass growth. It prevents water, pesticides and nutrients from seeping down to the grass roots. Thick thatch layers can also act as hideout for pests.

Dethatching your lawn
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Dethatching your lawn ensures that these thick layers of dead grass and debris are removed. The grass roots are therefore able to absorb enough water and nutrients something that gives back life to a fading lawn. Lawn dethatching makes your lawn grass flourish and maintain a healthy look.

The best time for lawn dethatching depends with your grass variety and growing season.

As a rule of thumb, dethatch your lawn when the grass is actively growing so as to give it easy time to recover.

Different grass varieties are dethatched either at the end of winter or during early springs.

If you have a small lawn, a dethatching rake can help you remove all the accumulated thatch. If you have a large lawn, then you require a power equipment such as lawn dethatcher. There are many varieties of lawn dethatchers and aerators in the market.

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You can also hire the services of lawn care professionals who have experience in lawn maintenance.

Aeration refers to the process of loosening the soil in your lawn to improve drainage. Aeration makes it easier for water, nutrients and air to seep into grass root levels. Lawns with proper aeration helps the grass get a stronger deep root system which results to a thicker and healthier lawn.

Lawn aeration helps in loosening the hardened soil particles something that encourages rapid growth of your lawn grass.

There are two types of lawn aeration namely; tine aeration and plug aeration. There are different tools and equipment that are used in lawn aeration depending with the size of your lawn.

A lawn with good growth conditions makes the grass flourish and dethatching is a key lawn maintenance practice that should never be ignored if you want you maintain a healthy and evergreen lawn that is always attractive.

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