15 Best Cordless Screwdrivers; Review and Buyer’s Guide

best cordless screwdrivers

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you want to fix or assemble your property but your electric screw driver cord is too small to reach your preferred area? This often results to frustrations because it denies you mobility thus limiting the amount of work you can handle in a given time. It is as a result of these shortcomings that manufacturers have invented new electric cordless  screwdrivers to gives you mobility while working without necessarily worrying about power connectivity.

Electric cordless screwdrivers gives you an opportunity to handle both light maintenance and big DIY chores around your home. They are designed in different shaped and sizes to perfectly fit in your palm. In addition, they are lighter, thus making them portable.

Cordless screwdrivers operate efficiently by being fitted with fully charged batteries. Therefore, users do not have to mind about power sockets. In fact, there are other cordless screwdrivers in the market that are fitted with LED light to enable you work effectively even at night or in areas with less sunlight.

If you are still using the conventional manual/corded screwdriver, it is the high time that you grab one of the cordless screwdrivers and experience easy assembling and maintenance tasks. This is a crucial tool that every homeowner should have as it is used in various tasks ranging from; assembling furniture, building patio deck, fixing toys, attaching pictures in interior walls, fixing electrical appliances among others.

How do I select the best cordless screwdriver?

Choosing the perfect cordless screwdriver for your home use should not be rocket science. As a rule of thumb, evaluate the various types of cordless screwdrivers in the market based on their Torque and speed, chuck size, screw type, operator’s comfort, and power proficiency features.

Once you put all the above factors into consideration, you will be in a better position to select the right screwdriver that will match your DIY tasks.

To help you make a better buying decision, we have compiled for you a list of best cordless screwdrivers in the market. This review gives unbiased detailed information about each cordless screwdrivers based on our previous experience with them and other buyers ratings. The list provides a detailed overview of each device features as well as its pros and cons.

Kindly note that the numbering does not depict any superiority or endorsement.


#1. Dewalt DCF610S2 12 Volt Max ¼-Inch Screwdriver Kit

 Dewalt is a renowned manufacturer of top quality tools and they have now taken their game higher by introducing the Dewalt DCF610S2 12 Volt Max ¼-Inch Screwdriver Kit in the market. This power cordless screwdriver, is designed to help you handle simple DIY home tasks at your own convenience.


The Dewalt DCF610S2 12 Volt Max ¼-Inch Screwdriver Kit comes with amazing features for easier handling and operation. It is designed with 12 Volt 1.1 Ah. Lithium-ion battery, it has a light weight of about 2.2-lbs, one-hand loading function comprising of ¼-inch hex chuck.

This screwdriver is designed to support various torque settings. It has a maximum capacity of 1050 rpm and you can always adjust the speed depending on the type of material that you are putting screws into. It is designed to work in different surfaces although it does not on concrete surfaces.

In case a fixing error has occurred, you don’t have to worry because with Dewalt DCF610S2 12 Volt Max ¼-Inch Screwdriver Kit, you can always redo the fixing through its reversible functionality. And how about working at night or in areas with less light? Don’t worry because Dewalt DCF610S2 12 Volt Max ¼-Inch Screwdriver Kit is fitted with 3 LED lights to illuminate your working environment thus improving productivity and morale.

Once you buy this complete kit, you will get; a carry bag, screwdriver, handy belt clip, two 12-Volt max lithium-ion battery packs, and a charger. Additional feature that makes this cordless screw driver unique is that the manufacturer gives you a 90-day money-back guarantee, 1 year of free service contract and as if that is not enough, you also enjoy a 3 year limited warranty.

Pros of Dewalt DCF610S2 12 Volt Max ¼-Inch Screwdriver Kit

  • Easy to handle and use
  • Produces sufficient power
  • Portability and well balanced
  • Suitable for light duties at home
  • Torque adjustments
  • Reversible feature
  • 3 LED lights


  • Cannot be used in all types of surfaces (I.e. Concrete surfaces)

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#2. SKIL 2354-07 iXO ¼ Inch 4V Max Lithium-Ion Palm-Sized Cordless Screwdriver

SKIL 2354-07 iXO is another great cordless screw driver in the market. SKIL 2354-07 iXO ¼ Inch screw driver is designed to comfortably fit in your palm and it is perfect tool that everyone should have as it will help you handle light-duty DIY tasks.

It is also unique in its own way in terms of attractive bright pink physical appearance as well as the USB portal which makes it easy to recharge the gadget anywhere. You don’t have to mind about fixing properties in darker areas because SKIL 2354-07 iXO ¼ Inch screwdriver is fitted with a site-light to illuminate the working area.

Special features of SKIL 2354-07 iXO ¼ Inch screwdriver are; Its powered by 4 volt 1.5 ah lithium-ion battery, it contains magnetic tip which keeps the screws firmly in place, 36-in-lbs max torque with a capacity of up to 200 rpm. This remarkable screwdriver is available in the market or tools stores near you at very affordable prices.

Pros of SKIL 2354-07 iXO ¼ Inch Screwdriver

  • Perfect for medium DIY tasks
  • Chargeable through USB Portal
  • Battery gauge that alerts you when the battery is low
  • Good power output
  • Easy to handle and operate


  • It doesn’t come with on-board storage pack
  • Only ideal for light duties

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#3. BLACK + Decker BDCS20C 3/8 Inch 4-Volt Max Lithium Cordless Screwdriver

Black + Decker BDCS20C Screwdriver is another power tool that is designed to handle all light-duty DIY tasks in your home. It is designed with an ideal size to fit comfortably in the operators palm thus, enabling you to perform more fixing work with less time.

It’s very compact and can work conveniently in many surfaces except on hardwood surfaces. Black + Decker BDCS20C Screwdriver  is fitted with 4 volt Max lithium-ion battery with a capacity of up to 35 –in-lbs of torque and 180 rpm.

Inline trigger is properly fitted to enable easy functionality. The 3/8 chuck driver can also fit other smaller Black & Decker bits. The battery is rechargeable and it comes with a charger together with two bits.

Pros of Black + Decker BDCS20C Screwdriver

  • Compact and high power
  • Perfect for Light-duty tasks
  • Durable and easy functionality


  • It does not come with LED lights
  • Only ideal for light duties
  • Not compatible with bigger bits
  • It does not come with storage for extra bits
  • No power gauge

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#4. WORX WX225L SD ¼ Inch Semi-Automatic Cordless Screwdriver


WORX WX225L SD screwdriver is another outstanding screwdriver that is designed to make your fixing/ assembling task easy. To load the driver, all you need is this easy 3 steps;

  1. Push the screw holder ( fitted on front of the screwdriver) so as to open the driver jaws
  2. Insert your screw up to the end of the fastener
  3. Finally, release the button

WORX WX225L SD screwdriver is ideal for multiple tasks and it supports up to 6 bits. It is fitted with 4 Volt lithium-ion battery which produces enough power to handle all your tasks. In addition, the screwdriver’s torque can be adjusted to suit different settings and use.

Unlike Black + Decker BDCS20C Screwdriver, this innovative screwdriver comes with its own LED light which gives you an added advantage to easily work even in darker areas. It is designed with a rapid slide feature which makes it easier for the operator to change the bits faster.

WORX WX225L SD screwdriver is very compact and the package includes a 4 volt-lithium-ion battery plus charger.


Pros of WORX WX225L SD screwdriver

  • Compact
  • It has unique semi-automatic bit loading unit
  • It comes with LED light
  • Durable and wide functionality


  • Only ideal for small-medium sized duties
  • Low speed compared to others

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#5. Makita DF010DSE ¼ Inch 7.2-Volt Lithium-ion Cordless Screwdriver-Drill Kit


This is a super screwdriver tool from the famous Makita manufacturers. Makita DF010DSE ¼ Inch 7.2-Volt Lithium-ion Cordless Screwdriver is a premium power tool that comes with  44 in-lbs of torque as well as a powerful 7.2 volt-lithium-ion battery designed to give you high power supply and long lasting rechargeable battery.

DF010DSE screwdriver is lightweight making it easy to carry around and it is versatile enough for the user to use it either as a drill or as a screwdriver. Speed is excellent when using Makita DF010DSE ¼ Inch 7.2-Volt Lithium-ion Cordless Screwdriver as it’s fitted with two gear speeds of 200 and 650 rpms. As such, it becomes your power tool of choice when looking for a cordless electric screwdriver that can work in both hard and soft surfaces.

One of the unique feature with this electric screwdriver is the auto stop clutch feature. Apart from the clutch having a total of 21 different settings, the auto stop feature is designed to shut the tool off once the clutch disengages. This helps the operator not to over drive the screws thus, preventing stripping of screws.

The screwdriver kit package is inclusive of; LED light (useful in areas with less light), 7.2 volt lithium-ion batteries, charger, and a tool case for screwdriver.

In addition, Makita manufacturers provides a one year warranty for battery and charger and three years limited warranty for the screwdriver itself.

Therefore, you should not get worried about any mal-function because the item is sold with warranty.

Pros of Makita DF010DSE ¼ Inch 7.2-Volt Lithium-ion Cordless Screwdriver

  • Versatile and compact
  • It has Auto-stop system which prevents stripping
  • Premium Electric screwdriver in terms of quality and functionality
  • Durable
  • Better adjustable Torque


  • Can’t perform heavy-duty tasks
  • No power gauge

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#6. Hitachi DB3DL2 ¼ Inch 3.6 Volt Lithium Ion Dual- Position Cordless Screwdriver Kit

Hitachi DB3DL2 ¼ Inch Dual- Position Cordless Screwdriver is another top quality power tool that is designed for small light assembly and maintenance duties. Hitachi is also a famous brand that manufacturers premium tools.

Hitachi DB3DL is designed with a durable battery of 3.6-volt 1.5-amp lithium-ion, LED light, 21 clutch setting for easier adjustment of drivers. One of the unique feature of Hitachi DB3DL2 is the dual-position handle. This feature enables the operator to comfortably hold it a straight position or at 90 degree angle.

When using this stunning cordless electric screwdriver, you can adjust the speed to suit the surface that you are working on. It accommodates speeds of 260 rpms for lighter surfaces and 780 rpms for harder materials.

The handy reverse/forward switch is fitted to give you easier alternative incase the driver gets stuck. The ¼ inch chuck is designed to fit bits of different sizes in order to maximize it use.

Hitachi DB3DL2 ¼ Inch 3.6 Volt Lithium Ion Dual- Position Cordless Screwdriver Kit includes a rechargeable battery, charger and a carrying case. This finest cordless screwdriver comes with a lifetime warranty from Hitachi, two-year warranty on battery, and a one-year warranty for the charger.

Pros of Hitachi DB3DL2 Cordless Screwdriver Kit

  • Adjustable speed
  • Durable and Compact
  • Lightweight thus, easily portable
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Powerful and performs well in light-medium duties
  • Dual-position handle


  • Cannot be used to handle heavy duties


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#7. Pink Power 4.8 Volt Rechargeable Cordless Electric Screwdriver Set with Bubble Level

 This electric screwdriver is a versatile gadget designed to perform multiple tasks around your home ranging from hanging cabinets, fixing furniture, hanging pictures among others. Pink Power 4.8 Volt cordless electric screwdriver is fitted with a patented pivoting head containing six combined screwdriver bits made with various sizes and designs.

This gadget is lightweight and it fits perfectly in the operator’s hand. In addition, Pink Power cordless electric screwdriver has an inbuilt forward/reverse switch, dual-position handle, and LED light to make the operators work easier.

The 4.8 Volt Lithium-ion battery is long-lasting and the gadget is energy efficient. In order to warn you when the power is down, the manufacturer has fitted a battery gauge to help you plan for recharge in good time.

The gadget has 2 year warranty and the included item include; battery-charger, bare-tool, and battery.

Pros of Pink Power 4.8 Volt Rechargeable Cordless Screwdriver

  • Lightweight and handy
  • LED light
  • Dual-position handling
  • Good power
  • Battery Gauge
  • In built forward/reverse Switch


  • Not suitable for heavy duty tasks

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#8. BLACK+DECKER LI4000 4-Volt Lithium-Ion SmartSelect Screwdriver with Magnetic Screw Holder

Black & Decker LI4000 smartselect screwdriver is designed to help you attend small task around your home. It is fitted with a magnetic screw holder to make it more compact and holds the screws tightly. The six-position clutch and the smartselect technology are key features that gives this electronic gadget premium functionality thus preventing stripping.

Six-position clutch has visual indicators while the smartselect feature enables faster and easy torque selection.  The driver produces 70 inch/pounds of torque at 180 rpm to enable efficient performance.

It is also fitted with user- friendly features such as forward/reverse switch, in-built LED light, and a mountable charger which holds accessory bits for convenient recharge.

Black & Decker LI4000 cordless screwdriver battery charger is energy-star rated. This is a guarantee of energy-efficiency which ensures that your battery will last for a longer duration.

The package also includes 11- piece accessory set and in case of any malfunction, you will enjoy a full 2 year warranty from this reputable company.

Pros of Black & Decker LI4000 SmartSelect Screwdriver

  • Compact
  • Operator’s friendly
  • Durable
  • Energy- efficient
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable torque


  • Only ideal for basic home fixing and assembling

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#9. Dewalt DCD771C2 20V MAX Cordless Lithium-ion ½ Inch Compact Drill Driver Kit

This cordless screwdriver is another great drill that has high performance, compact, and lightweight. Dewalt DCD771C2 20V MAX high performance motor has the capacity of generating up to 300 unit watts which enables users to perform a wide range of tasks with ease.

The ergonomic handle is designed to give the operator great comfort and control even when working in harsh areas. Dewalt DCD771C2 20V MAX comes with ½ inch single sleeve chuck which provides better gripping strength.

The drill driver kit comes with a fully charged 20V battery as well as user manual outlining charging procedures for easier handling. This gadget has adjustable torque with two different high speed transmission ranging from 0-45 and 1500 rpm thus, making it a suitable tool to use on various fastening and drilling tasks.

The Dewalt DCD771C2 20V MAX compact drill driver kit comprise of the following components;

  • DCD771 ½ Inch Drill Driver
  • Two 20Volt Max Compact Lithium-ion battery packs
  • Compact Charger
  • Contractor Bag

One you buy Dewalt DCD771C2 20V MAX, you will have 3 year limited warranty on this amazing product.


  • Compact
  • High performance
  • Storage Bag
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent Power and Battery life

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#10. Black & Decker AS6NG Alkaline Cordless Screwdriver

If you ‘re looking for a screwdriver that is both manual and automatic, then Black & Decker has got you covered with their new AS6NG Alkaline cordless screwdriver. It is easy to use, handy and gets simple home fixing/assembling tasks done with ease.

Apart from allowing you to switch from manual to automatic drilling, Black & Decker AS6NG Alkaline Cordless Screwdriver also comes with forward/reverse button thus allowing you to easily handle the screw drilling exercise. This little screwdriver tool is stored on pegboard with the aid of integrated peg hole.

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Black & Decker AS6NG Alkaline Cordless Screwdriver package comes with the following components;

  • AS6NG, Double-ended screwdriver bit
  • Four AA Batteries imported

Pros of Black & Decker AS6NG Alkaline Cordless Screwdriver

  • Lightweight
  • Can be used as manual or automatic
  • User friendly features
  • Storage pack


  • No LED light
  • Light duties only

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#11. Genesis GCD18BK 18 Volt Cordless Variable Speed Drill/Driver Kit

Genesis GCD18BK 18 Volt is another great cordless drill/driver which comes with 3/8 Inch chuck, rubberized non-slip pistol grip, bubble level and inbuilt LED light. This tool has high performance and the user can adjust the speed which range from 0-550 rpm. One feature that makes this cordless screwdriver popular is the 16 position torque/clutch settings which makes it versatile to use in a wide range of home DIY duties.

The drill is fitted with an electric brake plus magnetic tray which helps in keeping the bits and screws in the right position. The driver kit contains; one 18Volt battery, a charger,13-PC Drill/Driver bit set and a strong hard shell storage pack for easier handling and site work.

Once you purchased this prodigious drill/driver kit, you enjoy a two year limited warranty from the company.

Pros of Genesis GCD18BK 18 Volt Cordless Variable Speed Drill/Driver Kit

  • In built LED light
  • Adjustable Torque
  • Accommodate various torque/clutch settings
  • Handy and lightweight
  • Durable & Powerful

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#12. WORX SwitchDriver 2-in-1 Cordless Drill and Driver with Rotating Dual Chucks and 2-Speed Motor with Precise Electronic Torque Control- WX176L

One of the feature that I like most with this gadget is the dual chuck system. When using WORX Switchdriver cordless driver, you can be able to rotate the dual-chuck more conveniently giving you an easier time when alternating between drill bits and driver bits. Therefore, the 2-in-1 tool enables you to work faster when using this tool compared to others.

It is lightweight, compact and handy. WORX SwitchDriver 2-in-1 Cordless Drill and Driver is fitted with two speed gearing thus, making it suitable for use in a wide array of drilling and driving tasks.

Adjustable torque prevents your screws from stripping making it easier for you to handle DIY maintenance/ assembling tasks. This cordless screwdriver has high power and it comes with 20Volt Max Lithium battery.

Once you order this stunning 2-in-1 tool, the package comes with 20Vol Max Lithium batteries, Power share as well as the item is also interchangeable with other WORX tools.

 Pros of WORX SwitchDriver 2-in-1 Cordless Drill and Driver

  • In-built LED light
  • High power
  • 2-in-1 screw/ drill (thus making work easier)
  • Power share

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#13. Black & Decker PD600 Pivot Plus 6-Volt Nicad Cordless Screwdriver with Articulating Head

Black & Decker PD600 Pivot Nicad cordless screwdriver in another remarkable tool that comes with 3-position screwdriver and drill. The pivoting handle enables 3-position functionality to make it dynamic.

It generates high power which makes it suitable for a variety of tasks around your home thanks to its 6-Volt rechargeable drill and screwdriver. When using this gadget, there is 23-position clutch when ensures that your screws are not stripping.

It is lightweight, handy, and compact designed to meet the needs of the operator. I have personally used Black & Decker PD600 Pivot Plus 6-Volt Nicad Cordless Screwdriver and I can confidently say that it’s phenomenal.

An in-built LED light is fitted to ensure that you can comfortably work even in areas with less natural light.

Pros of Black & Decker PD600 Pivot Plus 6-Volt Nicad Cordless Screwdriver

  • Compact and Lightweight
  • Adjustable Speed
  • Pivoting handle for multifunction
  • In-built LED Light
  • High Power

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#14. Pink Power PP121LI 12V cordless Lithium-ion Drill & Driver Kit for Women

If you have been searching for a perfect drill/driver that is convenient for women to use, then Pink Power PP121LI 12V cordless Lithium-ion Drill & Driver Kit for Women should be your first choice. The kit is customized with pink color to reflect the feminine aspect without forgetting that this tool is lightweight therefore, anyone can use it.

The pink tool kit is an all-in-one package of all the gadgets needed to help you perform your DIY tasks around your home with comfort. The kit comes with a pink power drill, tool case, drill bit set, 12 Volt-Lithium-ion battery, and a charger.

When using this tool, you don’t have to mind about torque because it offers keyless chuck that supports 18 torque settings and you can adjust speed using the two speed settings.

In addition, there is one year warranty once you purchase this great tool.

Pros of Pink Power PP121LI 12V cordless Lithium-ion Drill & Driver Kit for Women

  • LED light
  • In-built power gauge
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable Torque & speed settings
  • High Power
  • Portable

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#15. Bosch PS32-02 12-volt Max Brushless 3/8-Inch Drill/Driver Kit with 2.0Ah Batteries, Charger and Case

Are you looking for a cordless screwdriver/drill that is lightweight, handy, and balanced? This gadget is one of the most compact and lightweight in its class and it’s designed to offer the operators a lot of flexibility when handling various tasks.

Bosch PS32-02 12-volt Max Brushless 3/8-Inch Drill/Driver Kit comes with 2 durable 12Volt batteries, a charger, Magnetic bit holder, 4-piece bit tip set, belt clip, and a contractor bag for mobility. In order to improve its performance, it is fitted with robust EC Brushless motor, 20+1 clutch settings, and two-speed transmission.

Bosch PS32-02 12-volt Max Brushless 3/8-Inch Drill/Driver Kit has proven itself to be a powerful tool that many individuals can rely on when handling various fixing and assembling duties in a wide range of surfaces.

Pros of Bosch PS32-02 12-volt Max Brushless 3/8-Inch Drill/Driver Kit

  • Lightweight and handy
  • High power
  • Long-lasting batteries
  • Storage bag
  • Suitable for both small & medium duties

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